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Average Earnings and Statement of Risk

Average Earnings:

Training of ANY type, whether it’s about starting a business or anything else has a low success rate.

Recently, I studied a book about training teachers in school systems new, more effective teaching methods.  Only 10% of teachers actually implement for any sustained period of time what they are trained in.

As a generalization, this SAME thing applies to marketing training. About 10% of the people implement in any longer term basis.  And obviously, you don’t get results or make income unless you implement.  Often, less than 10%, even 5% or 1% of buyers make money with Internet marketing products. But the plain truth is, that’s true of ALL training for virtually any industry.

Source:  Evaluating Training by Lakewood Books and edited by Beverly Geber.
Also, Results – The Key to Continuous School Improvement by Mike Schmoker.
Mike found that only about 10% of teachers use and succeed with any new methods they are trained in. This mirrors Internet marketing results.

What should be the criteria is how many people who actually follow the instructions and training experience a successful result.  That is a better yardstick.

Having said that, in surveys of my customers, 40% report earning money.  But this could be attributable to attracting a more serious audience to begin with.

My customers buy from many trainers, so those earnings would not be solely attributable to my mentoring, courses or products.

> Statement of Risk <<

The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who assumes additional risk for the potential of additional reward.

That’s what we do as info product marketers.  We take the risk that by investing time and a modicum of money, we’ll have the potential to gain greater reward.

The risks in info marketing include lack of demand for products, not obtaining suitable traffic that converts, creating a product people won’t buy, not making money, changing market tastes and demands.

My job as a mentor is to give you tools, systems and methods to minimize your risk and maximize the potential for gain.  That’s the role of a mentor and it’s what I do.