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Get instant access to 4 videos that reveal my unusual secret to getting paid thousands of times for work I did only once. 

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The Digital Product Secrets Method is a powerful series of videos that take you behind closed doors and reveal the secrets of doing the work once and getting paid 70,000 times for mmy info products. I use a system called "the research method" to create content without needing a lot of expertise or experience. I create a forgotten type of product called "Secrets Products" because people love buying them over and over like crack.  The videos explain this unique system.

In 1978 this ad changed my life.  But what is "the thing" that caused me to buy it?  What about the other ads I show?  What secret allowed me to get paid 70,000+ times for info products?

In this video you'll discover what "the thing" is that I showed in video 1.  What is that 1 thing that allowed me to get paid thousands of times for info products?

Look over my shoulder as I show you a case study of a "Secrets Product", how much it sold and what the sales page looks like. This is how I got paid thousands of times for work I did once.

In this video you'll find out how to overcome the 3 big obstacles that stop people from getting paid over and over dozens, hundreds or thousands of times for work they do once.

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